Older Work
Playing Dirty

Writer / Producer / Editor / Post-production

I cut this for a Greenpeace toxics campaign against ewaste, which was holding games console manufacturers responsible for the materials in their products.

The footage was shot for newsreel purposes in the Greenpeace labs in Exeter whilst the scientists were dismantling the consoles for testing. The news producers at Greenpeace found the material rather hyperactive for their tastes and purposes, but I thought it would work well to make an itchy, restless promo for the campaign.

I had wanted to base the whole thing on the 'Groovy' sequences from Evil Dead III, but the footage I commissioned of the scientists holding up the dismantled consoles didn't quite work. Gamers hate it. Poor things, watching their dream machines getting the bosh. Neil Douglas did an excellent job of the music, based on a loop I'd become obsessed with.

Click here to see the Youtube version.